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This article provides guidelines for authoring and editing the SAM Wiki articles.

Authoring Guidelines

Wiki pages authors should follow the following guidelines.


Definition of the topic (3-5 lines) before the first header so as the definition text to appear before the automatically generated table of contents.


"Introduction" will be the first header Level1 in each article. In this section the topic is presented in detail and a descriptive image should be also included. The expected length of this section is 2 paragraphs.

Relevance to SAM

In this section (Level1 header) we should describe why this topic is part of the SAM wiki and what is relation to SAM. Please name specific WPs, tasks, activities, objectives, outcomes, etc. The expected length of this section is 2 paragraphs.

State of the Art Analysis

In this section (Level1 header) we should describe the State of the Art analysis for the topic. In this part you can use additional sub-headers analyzing the various aspects of the topic, however the following structure should be followed:

  • Subtopic 1
    • subsubtopic 1
  • Subtopic 2
  • ...
  • Subtopic n
  • Tools, Frameworks and Services
  • Related Projects
  • Standards and Policies

Consider also adding additional images in this section.

Page Brand and Consumer Protection could be used as an example for the structure.


The references (Level1 header) should be the final section of each page. A reference creation tutorial can be found here:


Finally add the categories this topic fits into.

Links to other wiki articles

While editing your article try to add links to the other wiki articles, the Glossary and the Reference Model.

Formatting wiki text

  • A complete tutorial about Wiki formatting can be found here :

Upload A File

In order to upload files(i.e. images) you have to go here and follow the steps of file upload: File upload

Other Useful Tutorials

Image uploading and manipulation: